Quality VR curated for you – cheers!

BVRCADE is an exciting virtual reality arcade coming to Gateshead that foregoes the black plastic-metal and 80’s nerd neon clichés and replaces them with a modern, minimalist design that is welcoming to a wider audience.

At BVRCADE our purpose is to deliver an outstanding experience by enabling you to be immersed the best virtual reality has to offer. A place where you can share virtual reality with friends and family over a drink and snacks. Birthday and corprate parties are a perfect fit for our venue, which will be open 7 days a week and available for private hire.

We offer VR content curated for you.

No need to strap a phone to your face, buy an expensive setup, move the furniture, fight the kids and lock up the pets… Just come along and play.

We make VR affordable, accessible and fulfilling.

We’ll provide an environment where you can feel comfortable and welcome, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or it’s your first time putting on a headset. Our aim is to provide you with safe play spaces, serve up the drinks and snacks then ensure you have a valuable and memorable time with us.

Opening soon…

BVRCADE will be opening in Gateshead in Spring 2020.

We aim to provide you with great value by offering a complete entertainment experience:

  • 8 to 10 stations with high-spec machines and virtual reality headsets
  • large play spaces for single-player bays allowing up to 3 players sharing
  • large free-roaming multiplayer arena for co-operative and competitive play
  • dedicated seating areas for spectators plus a comfortable breakout area
  • additional entertainment options for all ages
  • complimentary drinks and snacks selection from our menu

Our location will be centrally located and easily accessible by car, metro or bus.

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